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Music moves minds and makes money. We have captured this vision with our collective vision to share our individual keys to success with young adults and their families. In 12-weeks you will experience how to create music and multi-media while learning skills to sooth your mental and make money. Join us and witness the fusion of wisdom from the fields of music arts, finance, mental health all tuned to amplify your life (SOUND).

Learn with a Master:
Balewa Muhammad

Balewa, at a glance

  • Multiple Grammy Nominated and award-winning veteran of the entertainment industry of over 25 years
  • Balewa has written and produced Multi Platinum selling songs and albums for artist like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez ,Mariah Carey ,Timbaland, Usher, Kelly Rowland ,Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Britney Spears and Christina Aguleira to name a few.
  • Serving as Music Supervisor for Major Film and Television releases with 10 feature films and Docu-series to his credit
    between 2022- 2023
  • Two-time SESAC and Universal Music Publishing writer of the year award winner
  • Served as A&R for Shinebox/ Sony Orchard
    President for Legend Tribe /Empire Records
    A&R Divine Mill / Warner

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Learn with an Award-winning CEO

Dr. Roshawnna Novellus

Dr. Novellus is dedicated to helping others attain economic power through business ownership and financial health.

Dr. Novellus, at a glance

  • Founder of EnrichHER, a financial technology lending platform that deployed $14 million pre-qualified revenue-generating businesses led by women and people of color 
  • One of few Black women to raise over $1M in venture capital.
  • Holds a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering with a Minor in Finance, a Master of Science in Information Technology emphasizing Information System Engineering, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management Economics, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering – achieving Summa Cum Laude in each.
  • Among the 2021 class of The Root 100, a distinction honoring the most influential African Americans ages 25-45.
  • A 2022 Roddenberry Fellow, an award that recognizes extraordinary leaders and advocates who use new and innovative strategies to safeguard human rights and ensure an equal and just society for all.
  • Featured in three national ad campaigns in 2021 for leadership and innovation in business (Logitech, Mastercard and Hennessy). These campaigns (one of which - Logitech - aired during the Super Bowl) exposed EnrichHER to over 40 million people.
  • Raised $600,000 in scholarship funds as a high school teen.

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Build with a Public Health Expert

Dr. Rashid Njai

Dr. Rashid Njai is a dedicated scholar-activist with a comprehensive skillset rooted in applied social epidemiology, health behavior and health education, organizational psychology, needs assessment, community-based participatory action, and social work.

Dr. Njai at a glance

  • Sought-After Lifestyle Coach, empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives, drawing from his expertise as a graduate from University of Michigan School of Public Health’s Health Behavior and Health Education, Boston University’s School of Social Work and American Psychological Association fellow 
  • Global Health Equity Advisor and Servant Leader, leveraging his career and training at CDC and past WK Kellogg Foundation Health Policy fellow to develop impactful strategies for positive change worldwide, while serving on multiple non-profit boards.
  • Award-Winning Public Speaker, serving as commencement speaker at Michigan’s School of Public Health and recipient of the National Minority Quality Forum's 40 Under 40 Leaders in Health Award, inspires action and contributes to community health and social justice thru captivating and motivational talks.
  • Organizational Psychology Expert, transforms organizational dynamics to foster optimal environments, drawing from his experience as leader of over 25 multidisciplinary, inter- and intra- agency teams working in high stakes situations as well as multiple roles as a cultural humility leader and facilitator.
  • Published Expert in Social Epidemiology, health disparities and equity science at CDC, he informs evidence-based practices to address health disparities, enriching his roles as public health faculty at Mercer University and Morehouse College.
  • Public Health Crisis Leader with accommodated efforts in global and domestic health, including his contributions during the West Africa Ebola and COVID outbreak, showcase his leadership in crisis management and public health emergency response.
  • Community Engagement Consultant with over 20 years of community-based public health experience, Dr. Njai collaborates with stakeholders to drive sustainable health outcomes, furthering his commitment to youth empowerment and social justice.

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Learn with a Mental Health Expert

Deuene Hickman

Deuene Hickman is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with over two decades in the mental health sector, specializing in fostering the well-being of both youth and adults with innovative ventures.  

Deuene at a glance

  • A visionary force that has developed and executed youth programs from their initial conceptualization to full implementation, targeting critical areas of concern such as Mental Health Awareness, Gun Violence Reduction, Truancy Prevention, Workforce Development, and Mental Health.
  • A cornerstone in the community, frequently sought after for his expertise and guidance in developing youth programs, has successfully implemented initiatives in over 20 schools and community centers, including prominent institutions like the Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCA branches.
  • Founder & President of Quality of Life Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization passionately dedicated to enhancing the mental health and well-being of youth and their families through a diverse array of targeted mental health initiatives, programs, and events emphasizing personal, educational, and social development.
  • Founder & CEO of Quality of Life Counseling Center, a clinically licensed mental health agency by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services that provides clinical and community-based counseling services to at-risk youths and adults.
  • Founder & CEO of Quality of Life Outpatient, a licensed Outpatient Therapy agency committed to providing comprehensive therapy and counseling sessions to individuals in need utilizing a diverse range of therapeutic modalities.
  • Founder & CEO of Wellness Solutions & Consulting a dynamic business dedicated to assisting both aspiring and established entrepreneurs in integrating mental health services into their ventures.

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Here's what you'll learn...

Our 12 week program covers a variety of music, podcasting and editing topics. Each session includes topics on mental health and tips on how to monetize your art.


Songwriting & Expressive Rhythmic Language

How to structure a song | How to match music & words |What are song topics & titles |The Demo |The art of the pitch | Therapeutic self expression through song



Audio Engineering

Creating a session | Chanel busing and levels | Midi | Protools



Music Production

Production styles | Sampling | Instrument selection | Mixing the track



Audio Book Recording & Scoring

Print to Audio | Voice over | Licensees | Art of Scoring




What is content? | Casting | Pacing and length | Uploading



Video recording & editing

Filming | Uploading | Editing



12-week Enahanced Mental Wellness & Resilience Skill Building Program

Coping Skills | Healthy Relationships | Communication | Stress Management | Self-Care | Social Support & Mentoring Network Goal Setting



Financial Wellness and Business Growth

Be your own CEO | Business model You | Invest Smart | ROI | Dinner with a Boss


Ready to Be a Multi-Media Master?

Join us and witness the fusion of wisdom from the fields of music arts, finance, mental health all tuned to amplify your life (SOUND).

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